San Francisco, CA

The mission of has always been to document great style in the Bay Area and celebrate it. As the blog expands, you will begin to see photographs representing a broader variety of stylish people I come across on a daily basis. I saw this eye-catching coat in San Francisco. The color is amazing. This is a great example of how to add excitement to jeans and tennis shoes. I like the formal aspects of the coat and the way it contrasts with the casual, fringy-bottomed jeans. The rainbow soled tennis shoes add a whimsical element to this groovy mix of styles.

San Francisco, CA

I met this gentleman in downtown San Francisco during the height of the Christmas madness. This is a great mix of classic and contemporary style. The classic cut of his jacket plays off nicely against the modern feel of the rest of his outfit. I like the way his cropped jeans highlight his Chelsea boots and the checkerboard socks barely visible between the two.  His scarf finishes it all off with some nice texture. The most stylish guys always make it look easy.

San Francisco, CA

Two of my favorite men’s accessories are hats and scarves.  They instantly add style and character to any outfit.  I saw Alex on a corner in downtown San Francisco and was instantly drawn to, you guessed it, his hat and scarf. I love the subtle color and texture the scarf add to his otherwise tonal outfit. The hat is just cool.

Palo Alto, CA

What I like about this guy is his great, retro look. This is a fine example of a guy really embracing the idea of wearing a suit. To most, a suit is just a uniform, something they have to wear, and that attitude shows in how they wear it. But, every once in a while, I run into a guy like this who really owns it! He is happy to suit up! Plus he’s wearing it the right way, WITH A TIE! 

Redwood City, CA


2019 is going to be a year of expansion for Silicon Valley Style!  Artistic or moody shots will begin to make an appearance on the site in an effort to open things up a bit more.  More changes are on the way and, I’ll let you know as things happen. To that end, it took until the end of November but winter has finally arrived in the Bay Area! Time for rich fabrics, layers, and coats!

San Jose, CA


I came across this guy at La Ultima Parada, held in San Jose at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. He proves that really old guys can still be stylish and dress well.  I love the contrast of his brightly colored serape against the stark black of his suit. Plus anyone who matches their hat to their suit gets maximum style points from me. 

Happy Halloween!

Portland, OR


I spent the past weekend in Portland, Oregon checking out the style scene, and I was not disappointed. Henry, The doorman at the Hi-Lo Hotel in downtown represents the cool, laid-back style of the city. Great patterns and textures work together here with his gingham shirt and the subtle pattern on his vest. I also like that the stiffness of his jeans gives them a modern, workman-like look. His shoes have just enough patina to make them look like they have a few miles on them. In my mind the finishing touch is the tie. I love ties.

London, England


When people find out that I am a stylist, the most frequent question I get is “How can I make jeans and a tee shirt stylish?” I tell them, it’s all about the accessories, and the most important accessory is shoes! Below is photographic evidence of my theory. ORANGE SUEDE WALLABEES!  Wallabee’s are a type of desert boot. Google it. I also love the way he wears his hat. That brim is LEVEL. It shows that he is very serious about his style.